Louise Giovanelli: Slow to Respond

19 November 2016 – 4 March 2017

Often site responsive, Louise Giovanelli’s practice embodies an affection for aspects of older paintings seen during museum visits. The starting point for many of her own paintings is a pre-existing historical feature or detail, an interesting element or peculiarity of these older works, which becomes the catalyst for re-appraisal. There is a sense of re-focusing and of re-framing with her painting functioning like a camera, drawing attention to details that would otherwise be left overlooked, unexplored, or dismissed.

After researching the permanent fine art collection here at Touchstones Rochdale, Giovanelli produced a series of new paintings that re-imagined and re-configured existing works within it, casting them in a different light and suggesting new narratives.

Image: Louise Giovanelli, The Beard III, 2016. Courtesy the artist and The International 3

Gallery of images: Installation shots (Slow to Respond). Photo: Pantling Studio.